Body builders

Body builders expect to get quality and strength from a drawbar - that’s obvious. But we also supply flexibility, service and short delivery times, even when the order relates to a customised, type-approved solution.

Trako designs and manufactures specially adapted drawbars for specific transport requirements – with rapid delivery, service and support.


Short delivery times are decisive when workshops order drawbars, load shifter locks or spare parts. A 2000 m2 warehouse and an extensive network of business partners in Sweden and distributors across the whole of Scandinavia mean that Trako is able to guarantee rapid deliveries.

Haulage companies

When a haulage company is putting a vehicle into service, it has to be able to trust that the coupling equipment has been built to last. Reliable, heavy-duty drawbars that are guaranteed to cope with the heaviest loads ensure maximum operating time, and no driver wants to waste time with a malfunctioning coupling. The drawbar has to be easy to use, simple to service and, above all, safe.

Safety is absolutely decisive. We conduct extensive testing and perform CAD simulations on all our drawbars. Our drawbars are also all type-approved by the European vehicle authority RDW (Rijksdienst voor Wegverkeer) in the Netherlands.